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Lucian: On the Syrian Goddess ~ by J. L. Lightfoot

A Translation of Lucian's "De Dea Syria", a book outlining various forms of worship in ancient Syria. This work contains background info and commentary not available elsewhere. A great primary resource for ancient Syrian religion!

The Palmyrenes of Dura-Europos:
A Study of Religious Interaction in Roman Syria
~ by Lucinda Dirven

An invaluable work with good information on Iarhibol, Bel-Marduk, and more. One of the few books in print dealing specifically with the religion which honored Iarhibol.

Palmyra and Its Empire:
Zenobia's Revolt against Rome
~ by Richard Stoneman

An excellent book giving not only the details of Queen Zenobia's revolt, but also the political and religious background of ancient Syria. Some good information on deities and worship.

The Cults of the Roman Empire ~ by Robert Turcan

An excellent book on the religious mix in the Roman world. Excellent information on the worship of Iarhibol, Bel-Marduk, etc. One of the most important books still in print referencing the worship of Iarhibol.

Light from the Ancient East ~ by Adolph Deissmann

Although this book contains some christian material, there are some excellent Pagan texts presented here. An excellent resource text!

Paganism in the Roman Empire ~ by Ramsay MacMullen

Another excellent overview book that has some good information on the religions of the Near Eastern provinces of Rome. A good text which outlines the blending of religious cults in the ancient world.

The Religion of the Nabataeans: (Religions in the Graeco-Roman World):
~ by J.F. Healey

The Nabateans were one of the major peoples within the Syrian province. Their religion was mixed with the worship of Iarhibol at Palmyra and Dura Europos. An excellent work giving a lot of information not available elsewhere.

Dictionary of Roman Religion ~ by Lesley Adkins, Roy A. Adkins

A completely invaluable work for anyone interested in ANY of the religions of the Classical world. This dictionary lists most every deity the Romans had ever heard of, and much more. A must for anyone interested in ancient Religion!

Ritual and Cult at Ugarit: (Writings from the Ancient World)
by ~ Dennis Pardee

The Ugaritic texts were an important part of ancient Syrian religion. Another great resource for the religious mix found in Palmyra. Many details in this work are adaptable for the worship of Iarhibol.

Religions of Rome: Volume 1: A History
by ~ Mary Beard, John North, Simon Price

Although this work focuses mostly on ancient Roman religion, great information on the combined worship of the provinces is also given. One of the most valuable texts available on the Roman components of Syrian religion and the worship of Iarhibol.

Religions of Rome: Volume 2: A Sourcebook
~ by Mary Beard, John North, Simon Price

The second part of the excellent work above. This book has many previously unpublished parts of ancient religious text - including such things as the organization/dues structure of provincial cults, etc. Another invaluable book for reference on both ancient Roman and Roman provincial religion.

Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism with an Essay on Baal Worship, on the Assyrian Sacred Grove and other Allied Symbols:
by ~ Thomas Inman

Although an older work, this book has excellent information on the worship of Baal and other Near Eastern deities. Information unavailable elsewhere.

The Ugaritic Baal Cycle: Introduction With Text, Translationand Commentary of Ktu 1.1.-1.2 ( Vol.1 ) ~ by Mark S. Smith

More excellent Phoenician information on the worship of Baal, which the later worship of Bel-Marduk (and Iarhibol) drew heavily from. Information not commonly available, and a great reference.

Helen Corey's Food from Biblical Lands: A Culinary Trip to the Land of Bible History ~ by Helen Corey

An excellent reference book for anyone wanting to prepare offerings of authentic ancient style foods. (Or anyone wanting to serve ancient style foods at gatherings, etc.

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