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An overview of the history of Phoenicia


A scholarly resource of books and other primary resources online. Great hard to find stuff, although most of it is about Egypt, Babylon, etc. rather than Palmyra.

Lucian's "De Dea Syrya"

The ancient text online.

Avopiscus: Aurelian's Conquest of Palmyra, 273 CE


A website dedicated to restoring the worship of Baal.

The History of the Ancient Near East

More scholarly resources online!

Images from ancient Palmyra

A poem about Palmyra

Pictures from the Temple of Bel

Article about ancient Syria


A New Nation Project dedicated to the restoration of Byzantine civilization. Palmyra was a part of the Byzantine Empire in later eras, and Iarhibol was honored for some of this period.

Byzantine Paganism

Dedicated to the continuation of ancient Religion in the Byzantine Empire.


In Dura Europos Iarhibol and Mithras were both honored by the Roman Legions.

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